Why Hire American Painting Professionals?

At American Painting Professionals, we are committed to superior workmanship.

We believe in providing high-quality work and exceptional value.  We apply the same high standards to each job we accept, whether a prompt apartment turnover or a “Parade of Homes” house.  We carefully match each painter with his particular area of expertise to ensure the very best results.  With American Painting Professionals, you know you are receiving a truly professional finish, each and every time.


Our painters are trained to provide top-notch customer service.

We recognize that, with each job, we are stepping into someone’s work or living space.  As such, we hold our painters to high standards of respect and professionalism at each home or business they enter.  We know that many clients have questions that arise during the course of a job, and we will honestly evaluate your needs and accommodate any requests or changes.

We pledge to provide an honest assessment of each project and the best value for your money.

At American Painting Professionals, we carefully assess the scope of each project at the outset. This is done in order to provide an accurate estimate and allow you to budget appropriately.  We offer flexible contracting terms and payment options, including credit card payments, to meet your budget. If we are able to complete a job more efficiently than our original estimate, we will pass those savings along to you.  Our low overhead structure allows us to offer affordable prices while maintaining our high standards.

We are a family-owned and operated company, committed to a professional product.

As such, we jealously guard our reputation for providing consistent, friendly, superior service. American Painting Professionals hires career painters whenever possible and we are proud that our business supports not only our family, but our painters’ families as well. We firmly believe in the value of locally-owned businesses and take an active part in our community.



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