Interior Painting

Don’t wait until you’re moving out to paint!

How often have you heard someone talk about painting their home because they are looking to sell it? We all have aspects of our homes that we overlook or just put up with. But why should you only change them for “the next people?” Your home is your sanctuary and deserves to be treated as such. What are you “putting up with” in your home? A fix is just a phone call away – call us today!


Feel like your home is just … blah?IMG_0996 (2)

Our experienced painters offer free color consultations, and can suggest accents, textures, and changes to update the look of your home, office, or business space. We pride ourselves on our crisp cut lines and brushless finishes on painted walls, cabinets, doors and trim. Try looking around with a stranger’s eyes. Do you see chipped paint on corners and stairwells? Scuff marks? Faded colors? Jagged lines between wall and ceiling colors? Contact us for help with your interior painting needs!


Outdated kitchen?

Instantly transform your kitchen with refinished cabinets! We can apply a sleek modern finish or scuff the wood for an antique look. Change a little, or change a lot – you can completely redo the look and feel of your kitchen without the expense of a full remodel. Call us for an interior painting consultation and let us show you what we can do!  (Click here to learn more about our cabinet work.)


Did you know? A fresh paint job boosts morale and productivity!

Studies prove it’s true. We all want to feel good about the places we live and work. Painting will revitalize your work space, whether it be a home office or corner suite, small workroom or conference room. A fresh interior painting finish revives a tired looking room, and a new color can completely change the atmosphere of any space. Contact us today for a free interior painting color consultation and estimate!