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... and, like any parent, we want the best for our baby. We know that we are trusting our painters with our reputation and, by extension, both our business and our family's livelihood. It's important to us that our employees work well as a team and share our values.

Madison WI Painting Services

ServiceIn our world, “painting” doesn’t begin or end with wall color! American Painting Professionals’ crews are true full-service professional painters. Our services begin with a thorough assessment of the project at hand. and discussion about what you would like to accomplish. We then tackle power washing, wallpaper removal, stain removal, and minor repairs. Our painters carefully prepare each site for painting and pride themselves on precise, detailed results. At American Painting Professionals, we respect your schedule and living space. We aim to complete each job thoroughly and concisely, minimizing return trips and disruption. We carefully clean each job site before leaving so you can enjoy a new look, hassle-free! See Our Services...

Adam - Thank you so much for the great paint job you did on our trim and doors. We really appreciate your attention to detail. It was a pleasure working with you! - Lynn Schneider

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Everyone’s tried to tackle their own painting project and likely been less than thrilled with the results. Paint colors bleed from the ceiling to the walls and from the walls to the ceiling. Walls end up unevenly textured and coated. The old color is visible in areas through the new paint, even though you swear you painted those spots. Despite your best efforts, paint ends up on your trim, carpeting, furniture, sink, everywhere. And that can’t be the color you picked, can it? It certainly doesn’t look anything like you thought it would! No one is happy with results like these. Yet, these are all common outcomes with inexperienced painters. And, let’s be honest, most of us are not “experienced painters!” Painting is the easiest way to freshen up, maintain, or transform the look of your home. It’s a project that should leave you feeling good about the space where you live or work.

We can help!

Whether you have a residential or commercial property in or near Madison WI, interior or exterior painting, American Painting Professionals has you covered from start to finish. Our painters are skilled in color selection and consultation. We will work to ensure the end result matches your vision. Our experienced crews are committed to providing accurate assessments and timely, affordable, comprehensive solutions. We are knowledgeable, fully insured career painters, ensuring the highest quality product, every time. As a local, family owned and operated business, we strive to both offer an exceptional product and contribute to the community. We achieve these goals by employing skilled painters and offering competitive wages as well as paid holidays and vacation days. We also patronize other local businesses whenever possible. So don’t muddle through painting on your own when you can have an amazing result at an affordable price. Contact American Painting Professionals today!
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